AQP Enterprises

A Multi-Divisional, Multi-Brand Corporation with diverse interests in Business, IT Solutions, Products and Marketing.

AQP Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 2000 in the State of Florida. Since that time, AQP has grown into a multi-divisional company with a variety of retail brands, computer systems support services, and marketing solutions.

Using our own capabilities, AQP Enterprises, Inc. also has a broad portfolio of our own brands, products and services that provide additional diversity to our revenue stream.

Ice Zone Sports

Ice Zone Sports Inc. - A DBA of AQP Enterprises sells a wide variety of Ice Sports equipment including Figure Skating and Ice Hockey. Through our retail location and the Ice Zone e-commerce website, Ice Zone Sports is a one-stop location for Ice Sports equipement for all ages.

Click Here to visit Ice Zone Sports!

Lofty Lizard

The AQP Backend Engine provides the mechanism to execute applications, code, scheduled scripts and other processes that keep your database and data environment moving.

Behind the AQP WebEngine and other frontend applications, the AQP Backend Engine executes automated tasks such as end-of-day processing, repetitive billing, summary data production, and more. The security strengths found in the AQP WebEngine are also found in the AQP Backend Engine.

Scheduled Processes - Individually scheduled processes can be created to be executed on a variety of time frames. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One-time, Day of Week scheduling options are available. No more messing with script files and cron jobs!

AQP WebEngine

The proprietary AQP WebEngine provides the next generation in secure, efficient browser based technologies for the e-commerce and corporate environment.

Based on the popular Linux platform and MySQL database engine, the AQP WebEngine holds down the high cost of base system software licensing.

Able to compete in the high performance, large scale arena, the AQP WebEngine provides unsurpassed security along with ease of use.

Security - We provide that extra level of security through complete database encryption. All webengine information and tables are encrypted on several levels. Even if someone steals your database, they will not be able to use the information in it! ALL database tables are encrypted for both standard and user created tables. And finally, even the AQP WebEngine configuration is encrypted, but allows on-the-fly configuration changes.

Ease of Use - The AQP WebEngine can be configured through the AQP Configurator which provides an entire suite of application tools to allow quick implementation of new systems and webpages. Master templates, automated form-field integration, data table management, and built in utilities are just some of the advantages of the engine.

Compatibility - Search engine friendly! - Many dynamic website generation systems are not search engine friendly - The AQP Webengine produces pages that can be crawled by all the search engines so that your website will achieve a proper ranking!


AQP Standard Product Implementation

We provide implementation services for all of our standard AQP products. We can provide all levels of solution from platform implementation, through integration into your existing systems.

AQP Fulfillment Chain Implementation

At AQP, we are experts in reviewing and providing the design and implementation services to implement your fulfillment chain automation. If you are using too many people or your product is being shipped too inefficiently, give us a call and we can provide affordable answers.

AQP Marketing Services

Today's marketing environment is very complex. We at AQP are experts in this field not only through out own resorces, but through professional partners so that we can put sales into your company through all means including the Internet, Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Radio, and Television. Let us work with you to increase your sales revenue!

AQP Management Services

AQP professionals bring years of experience in large and small project management and company operations. We provide many of our customers with additional management consulting services that enhance their office productivity, increase their employee capabilities, and allow company management to spend more time on doing business, and less time having to run their operations. We also provide company representation services to allow our technical expertise to be available to you when you deal with other companies and vendors. Give us a call about AQP Management Services.

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