AQP Enterprises

A Multi-Divisional, Multi-Brand Corporation with diverse interests in Business, IT Solutions, Products and Marketing.

AQP Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 2000 in the State of Florida. Since that time, AQP has grown into a multi-divisional company with a variety of retail brands, computer systems support services, and marketing solutions.

Using our own capabilities, AQP Enterprises, Inc. also has a broad portfolio of our own brands, products and services that provide additional diversity to our revenue stream.

Ice Zone Sports

Ice Zone Sports, Inc- A multi-channel company that specializes in Figure Skating products.

As a DBA of AQP Enterprises we are able to uniquely offer online ordering as well as pick up at our retail location located at Ice Zone Sports. Our innovative, inventory management technology allows us to deliver a cutting edge experience whether you are shopping online or in-store with us. All of our items that are stocked have been hand picked by our figure skating experts with decades of figure skating experience.

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Lofty Lizard

Lofty Lizard, Inc- Our millenial island lifestyle brand focuses on using enviornmentally conscious materials, responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices to bring authentic, island wear no matter where you live.

As a DBA of AQP Enterprises, Lofty Lizard products are available via our e-commerce site. All of our items have been designed with comfort, practicality and relaxation in mind.

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Mystic Frog

Mystic Frog, Inc- Our family lifestyle brand that celebrates the authentic patterns and colors of island life.

Mystic Frog is a DBA of AQP Enterprises and all products are available via our e-commerce site. The Mystic Frog brand is designed to be comfortable, carefree and casual for the entire family.

Our products are responsibly sourced and use eco-friendly materials in figure flattering silhouettes.

Bring the whole family over to "uncover your mystical side"Click Here to visit Mystic Frog!

Our Vision:

We are committed to not only diversifying our family of brands but ensuring that we are environmentally cognizant in the process.

Beyond shopping with us, we want you to PARTICIPATE with us! - Make our products better, more responsible, and help us build a new generation of businesses and ideas!

Our Philosophy

Ice Zone Sports

We aim to share our love and passion of figure skating with each and everyone. Beyond our product expertise and years of figure skating knowledge is the belief that shopping for your new equipment should be a fun and inviting experience. Our goal is to help you reach your goals!

Lofty Lizard

Living the lofty life is all about feeling carefree and enjoying the true 'island' lifestyle. When you live the lofty life, you are on island time. There are no speed limits, the drinks are always cold and you're never late. We want to bring you the authentic island lifestyle where we are all one human family. Lofty Lizard is a celebration of the carefree, island attitude.

Mystic Frog

When you uncover your mystical side, you are free from distractions and can enjoy the simple island life with your family. Mystical Frog is about embracing your true authentic self while kicking back and making great memories. You are comfortable yet sophisticated and watching the waves lap against the sand. You will always look and feel like a local!

AQP Enterprises, Inc.

Our philosophy is not only one of leaving as little environmental impact as possible but to foster innovation in the process. Sustainable practices offer a framework to generate economic growth and exercise environmental responsibility.

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